Created a product prototype
Designed a Backend System
Yesterday I had a lot of meetings about one of our larger customers and things we can do to go above and beyond to monitor their sites. They have semi-regular periods of very high traffic - like a few hundred visitors a minute - so we're specifically focused on these events.

Inspired by that I completed a one-shot project to create an alpha version of a tool to help monitor these sites. Thankfully -as in most cases- I was able to find a solution from Spatie that did a huge chunk of the work. While I needed to make some extensive customization for our use-case it was still invaluable to work from.

Note: As an engineer on our Support team my "customers" are both our public customers and my fellow support team-members. In this case the projects is serving my internal customers so they can better serve the external ones. :)

My favorite part of this one-shot projects was working with some new tools and learning how to do the self-update features of laravel-zero.

Tomorrows adventure will be setting up a Gitlab CI pipeline to build the phar file and place on the server being used for automatic updates. That way to produce updates I'll just have to tag a release.