Provided training for advanced hosting technology
Trained a new System Administrator
Hosted a training session
This week (and next week) I'm helping run back to back sessions of System Administrator trainings centered around our Enterprise hosting solutions. We'll be training 4 of our newly promoted staff so they can effectively manage and administrate our complicated hosting solutions.

The students will learn a range of technologies providing: highly available services, data replication, load balancing and more. In total they'll (hopefully) learn 4/6 of these critical products really well. And have a good grasp of the other 2 we cover. To round out those skills "in the field" with real customers.

In total they will end up being exposed to the following tech:
  • MySQL replication,
  • block device based replication (via DRBD),
  • clustering tools (heartbeat/pacemaker),
  • KVM,
  • iSCSI, and
  • OCFS2.
A massive amount of things to learn in a brief period, but it's all great stuff!